Public Speaking
Discover the freedom of more complete self-expression. Learn and practice the skills that will make you a more effective speaker and begin to actually enjoy the experience of speaking in public. You may utilize Well Spoken’s pre and post-training assessment sheets or you can choose to view your improvement on video for a more robust experience!

Media Training
Make your message clear and memorable. Buff up your image with media skills training. Know the steps to managing your message for maximum impact. Learn how to control the outcome of any interview. Our media savvy training will enable you to shine in on-camera appearances and interviews, as well as in print and Enews outlets.

College and Job Interviews
Gain confidence by learning how to position your professional experience or life skills for maximum impact. Become proficient in telling anecdotes that illustrate your competence and capabilities. Learn the proper techniques for getting your message across smoothly and elegantly while appropriately answering interviewer questions.


Laurel Weber Snyder
Laurel Weber Snyder

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