Course Offerings

Public Speaking SkillsA Taste of Succes
  • 1 hour seminar for all levels; Recommended for small groups;
  • Can be offered as a “Lunch ‘n’ Learn”
  • An experiential introduction to public speaking/presentation skills.  Attendees learn the 3 Keys to a Successful Presentation, and practice their newly learned skills in front of the group.
Basic Presentation Skills
  • Two (2) 1/2 day seminars, 5 hours each day; for all levels
  • Attendees are taught the basic skills necessary to a successful presentation. They are videotaped doing a 3 minute presentation; receive a detailed instructor’s critique; and return the next day for more practice.  Each attendee will receive a customized communications plan with exercises to practice for ongoing improvement.
Advanced Presentation Skills
  • 1 day
  • Experience with “Basic Presentation Skills” is recommended.  Attendees take their skills to the next level!  Advanced techniques for the experienced communicator are taught, including dealing with difficult personalities, handling Q&A and communicating confidently when an unexpected request to speak arises.  Script creation tips are taught along with vocal and physical expressiveness for maximum effect.
Political Readiness
**New Course**
  • 2  hours
  • Targeted to meet the needs of newly elected candidates or citizens aspiring to public office.
  •  Participants will receive training in making the most from public appearances. They will learn how to create a memorable, cogent sound byte and will practice handling media interviews and speeches for live and on-camera venues.
Networking Communication
  • 1 ½ hours
  • Especially recommended for entrepreneurs, business owners and recent grads. 
  • How to create and deliver a memorable message without making a nuisance of yourself. Included is the creation of your own best “30 second commercial”


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